Month: September 2020

madman - Mad-Madman-Marz.jpg

Madman (1981)

These standard slashers don’t really need a synopsis but here we go! – Under a campfire on a dark night Max (Neumann), owner of a camp for gifted children, tells staff and campers the tale of Madman Marz (Ehlers); a deranged farmer who slaughtered his family in a nearby house. Legend has it that if you speak his name above the sound of a whisper he’ll come for you.

fast-company - FC-Racing.jpg

Fast Company (1979)

Cult filmmaker David Cronenberg has made many cult classics but really only one B-movie complete with a bona fide hero vs. an utter villain, cars and crashes, fistfights and some good old fashioned sleaze thrown in the mix.

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