Ian Ogilvy

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Brisco County

When Agatha Christie wrote and published “Ten Little Niggers” in 1939 (imagine that title today!) she couldn’t have fathomed how influential her relatively short book would become. The film adaptations are numerous, but the basic plot has been copied too many times to count.

Ian Ogilvy Q&A

My second interview with Ian. He was up for another Q&A a year from my first interview. More of his movies had been released on Blu-ray and a “new” Saint film had been released on Netflix.

A Saint becomes a Sinner : Q&A‘s with Ian Ogilvy

British actor Ian Ogilvy has starred in numerous cult films that are getting a new lease on life on Blu-ray. The charismatic actor has acted alongside genre greats such as Barbara Steele, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Herbert Lom and Peter Cushing to name a few. Throughout the years he‘s kept busy with steady work in features and on television and, most notably, he stepped into Roger Moore‘s shoes as Simon Templar in „Return of the Saint“ (1978-1979). For a single season he portrayed The Saint and during this period Ian was mentioned along with other actors as a possible successor to Moore as 007 himself.

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