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„I finally came to the frustrating conclusion that I had taste and style but not talent. I knew my limitations. We all have our limitations and fortunately I discovered that taste and style were commodities that people desire.“  

I mostly enjoy writing about films that fit into the category „Cult“ in one way or another. It‘s, frankly, where my comfort zone lies

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Oddur B.T.

Film critic, ...

As a lover of films I often resort to quoting some of them when a situation presents itself and I think it fits the occasion. Once when asked whether any one sentence descibed me accurately I thought of this well written quib uttered by Sir Michael Caine in „Dirty Rotten Scoundrels“ (1988). It may be a little self depracating when describing yourself as a critic or a blogger of movies to state you are without talent but the fact is you‘re either prasing or condemning a piece of work many have put their heart and souls into producing and the critic (or blogger) sits in his/her ivory tower (read: sofa or theater) and makes a judgement. Like the late Roger Ebert who on many occasions gave a „Thumbs down“ or Leonard Maltin with his „BOMB“ rating; it can feel like a „know-it-all“ who really should shut the **** up and show just how they could do better.

I write around 2 professional reviews a month for a legitimate film site in Iceland along with other written contributions in the Cult film/Blu-ray releases category and have been an avid lover of cinema (and TV) for as long I can remember. The chance to air some of my thoughts on a blog site is truly great but the real kicker is when someone actually reads them and responds to them in any kind of way. For close to three decades I have read film reviews (by aforementioned critics as well as many others) and many books dedicated to this or that film genre and I have always wanted to be a small contributor  to the written word on cinematic entertainment. And here‘s my chance!

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My passion

Films and the path to being a blogger

I mostly enjoy writing about films that fit into the category „Cult“ in one way or another. It‘s, frankly, where my comfort zone lies. It would be easy to just focus on horror films (by far the most films labeled „Cult“ are horror films) but the category also includes so many films that are really un-classifiable. Many of these movies are so truly enjoyable and you don‘t even know exactly why. These are often films that are considered very poor, very cheap, very amateurish and some are just plain old studio films that got panned or performed very poorly when released. This is the stuff I like to write about and I hope you like reading about.

Lastly; actually about me: I‘m in my early forties, I spend a lot of time in front of a TV or movie screen and I‘m an avid collector of physical copies of movies and Blu-rays are now slowly draining my bank account. I have worked as a journalist and I firmly believe I can put together good reviews of movies/TV shows that readers will enjoy.

Other side interests

My favorite Icelandic blog page is Einstakar Olíur – Ilmkjarnaolíur – a blog where my brother’s wife blogs about essential oils.

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