Month: November 2018

A Saint becomes a Sinner : Q&A‘s with Ian Ogilvy

British actor Ian Ogilvy has starred in numerous cult films that are getting a new lease on life on Blu-ray. The charismatic actor has acted alongside genre greats such as Barbara Steele, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Herbert Lom and Peter Cushing to name a few. Throughout the years he‘s kept busy with steady work in features and on television and, most notably, he stepped into Roger Moore‘s shoes as Simon Templar in „Return of the Saint“ (1978-1979). For a single season he portrayed The Saint and during this period Ian was mentioned along with other actors as a possible successor to Moore as 007 himself.

Man from Atlantis – Killer Spores

The third TV movie leading up to the short lived series; this one, again, suffers from not enough material to stretch to feature length. There’s a bit of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” here as the sci-fi aspect is put front and center but this seems better suited to the hour (i.e. 48 mins) long format of weekly episodes.

Man from Atlantis films

It was short and sweet; 4 films and 13 episodes and the Man from Atlantis vanished. Patrick Duffy hit it big in „Dallas“ but his interest with the character persisted and the actor published a novel in 2016 where he covered his origins. Duffy explained that if the novel would sell in large numbers he would be interested in doing a trilogy about this aquatic man who‘s possibly from Atlantis.

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