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Charles Bronson


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Young smoker

Charles Bronson came from a large family. He was number 11 of 15 children. A tough kid, started working in coal mines at the age of ten, shortly after he had started smoking (at the age of 9).


Charles Bronson spoke Lithuaninan and Russion before he learned to speak English.

10 to Midnight

Bronson was 61 years old when he played his role in the movie 10 to Midnight. He had plastic surgery to appear young enough to play Leo Kessler.

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Oddur BT

10 to Midnight (1983)

Mostly a thriller but seriously dabbling in the slasher genre; “10 to Midnight” is a crackerjack flick that’s one of Bronson’s best 80’s efforts. He’s also allowed some room to give a performance and the veteran actor has a commanding presence and makes Leo a compelling character despite some very questionable behaviour.

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